Recording from 02. Jul 2022

The Kitchen Department

The percussionists of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra present The Kitchen Department!


Who are they, the ones who stand at the very back of the orchestra, playing all kinds of strange and exciting instruments?

The ones who make the loudest bangs, the most powerful crashes and resounding booms, and the most majestic drum rolls?

It’s the percussionists, of course! And just for today, they have free reign of the entire Grieg Hall!


They’ve brought all kinds of strange things with them, put them all over the stage, and they plan to play on every single one of them. Here you’ll find tambourines, drums and xylophones, but also dinner plates, fruit bowls, wine glasses and more!  

That’s because if something makes a sound when it is hit, scraped or shaken, it qualifies as a percussion instrument. It’s true! And that means a percussionist can play on any object in the world. All the fun instruments being mixed and matched make the stage feel like a gigantic kitchen. Today, the kitchen door is wide open, and the percussionists of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra wish you a very exciting and percussive visit!


Come hang out in the Kitchen Department!