Recording from 26. Jan 2023


In the years 1785-86, Mozart was on a roll – even by his inspired standards. His works from the period dig deeper and deeper below surface entertainment to explore the human condition as he saw it.

First it was the Viennese that benefitted. In Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, they heard his most fluent, charming, entertaining concerto yet – a work full of conversation, gameplay, imagination and verve for sparring pianist and orchestra that comes complete with an unspeakably touching slow movement.

Next, it was the people of Prague who were the lucky ones. Mozart’s symphony for the Bohemian capital has come to represent the fertility, joy and warmth he experienced there but it is notably intelligent and profound too – exploding from its pregnant opening into a work of thrilling momentum.

Jan Willem de Vriend returns to Bergen for this feast of ‘peak Mozart’ with pianist Dejan Lazić for company.