Livestream: Brahms Festival: Gardner and Tetzlaff

Thursday 27 September

For the first orchestral concert in our festival of music by Johannes Brahms, Edward Gardner launches a cycle of the composer’s four symphonies starting at the beginning.

Watch the concert live on this page. The transmission starts at 19.25 on Thursday 27 September.

It took Brahms fourteen years to write his First Symphony, but it was worth the wait. The piece launches with an imposing orchestral edifice of climbing strings, plunging winds and pounding drums. What follows is a work of gripping turbulence, but also one of deep conviction and exuberant joy.

Before it, Edward Gardner takes the orchestra through Brahms’s hearty Hungarian Dances and the tender song of his Violin Concerto. When this concert’s soloist Christian Tetzlaff recorded the concerto, one critic described the results as ‘genuine, communicative and powerfully emotive’. The first orchestral concert in our Brahms festival promises music of passion and power.